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  • isola tiberina 1925
    Tiber Island the smallest in the world!
  • Nasone tipica fontanella romana
    "Free Drinking-Water in Rome"
  • casina delle civette 2x1
    A hidden gem in the hearth of Rome, the museum of stained glass: casina delle civette.
  • A model for global architecture
  • In Rome, even an old manhole can become a famous tourist attraction.
  • Our journey to discover Rome
    Our journey to discover Rome... through cinema.
  • A dark alley , a green door, a bell "Jerry Thomas" and last , a secret question
  • cargo bidone alto
    Cargo is one of the most known winebar in the Pigneto discrtict of Rome.
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Move in Rome

Cuore e stemma di roma
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  • Gregorys concerto ra
    The Roscioli restaurant offers a great choice of high quality products; this place has been transformed keeping its ancient appearance of family grocery
All embassies in Rome.
  • Osteria da angelino
    Osteria da Angelino encompasses the most authentic traditional Roman flavours
  • bhan thai 1x2jpg
    Baan Thai is the first Thai massage center opened in Rome
Shopping in Rome.
Shopping in Rome.
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Have you already booked your hotel in Rome? Have you already thought about how to spend your next holiday in Rome? Are you determined to visit Rome but have not yet thought about what to do?

If we read Roma (Rome in Italian language) from right to left, we get amor, which in Italian means Love. This is probably why the romance that the Italian capital inspires has become a true icon of the city, for which, for centuries, rivers of ink have been spilled and for which millions of ladies have heaved a sigh.

Every day Romagazine accompanies you to the very heart of this Urbe Capitolina, discovering hidden corners full of that previously mentioned romance. An atmosphere that literally brings us back in time with its unique restaurants where one can enjoy both traditional Roman cuisine and international fare…

Together we will explore the nightlife of Rome, discovering trendy clubs and alternative venues. We know of the best cafes to enjoy a fantastic aperitif, but also the best pizzerias to experience the thrill of an authentic Roman pizza, golden fried cod fillets or the mythical croquettes “supplì al telefono”. We will encourage you to lose yourself in the streets of Rome, to take in the history and culture that has pervaded the Eternal City for thousands of years.

We will provide you with useful and essential information to help you find what you're looking for and to make your stay in the capital go as smoothly as possible.

Romagazine: a guide, a blog, a handbook of Rome, and a reliable companion for your adventures in the most fascinating city in the world.